Sunday, July 13, 2008

Installation of Asterisk GUI

Asterisk GUI provides the functionality of web based system to manage the asterisk box.

Prerequisite :

CVS should be installed . Below is the download link for the same .

asterisk 1.4 - and all modules needed to compile and install asterisk 1.4

Preparations :

Go to /usr/src directory and download the latest asterisk-gui using the following link

svn checkout asterisk-gui

For installing Asterisk - GUI on Fedora and Redhat

directly do

yum install
svn checkout asterisk-gui

For installing Asterisk - GUI on Ubuntu and Debian family

svn checkout asterisk-gui

This will provide you this kind of ouput

[root@lintel 1.4]# svn checkout
asterisk-gui/trunk asterisk-gui
A asterisk-gui/tools
A asterisk-gui/tools/zapscan
A asterisk-gui/tools/zapscan.c
A asterisk-gui/tools/Makefile
A asterisk-gui/LICENSE
A asterisk-gui/config
A asterisk-gui/config/meetme.html
A asterisk-gui/config/cfgappliance.html
A asterisk-gui/config/record.html
A asterisk-gui/config/zapata.html
A asterisk-gui/config/iax.html
A asterisk-gui/config/moh.html
A asterisk-gui/config/status.html
A asterisk-gui/config/scripts
A asterisk-gui/config/scripts/prototype.js
A asterisk-gui/config/scripts/tooltip.js
A asterisk-gui/config/scripts/rico.js
A asterisk-gui/config/scripts/astman.js
A asterisk-gui/config/jabber.html
A asterisk-gui/config/cfgadvanced.html
A asterisk-gui/config/trunks.html
A asterisk-gui/config/networking.html
A asterisk-gui/config/menus.html
A asterisk-gui/config/home.html
A asterisk-gui/config/homeapp.html
A asterisk-gui/config/sysinfo.html
A asterisk-gui/config/options.html
A asterisk-gui/config/sip.html
A asterisk-gui/config/setup.html
A asterisk-gui/config/cfgbasic.html
A asterisk-gui/config/users.html
A asterisk-gui/config/images
A asterisk-gui/config/images/split-v.png
A asterisk-gui/config/images/refresh.png
A asterisk-gui/config/images/loading.gif
A asterisk-gui/config/images/slice.png
A asterisk-gui/config/images/panel.png
A asterisk-gui/config/images/slice-v.png
A asterisk-gui/config/images/accordion-icon.gif
A asterisk-gui/config/images/adv.png
A asterisk-gui/config/images/favicon.ico
A asterisk-gui/config/images/tick.gif
A asterisk-gui/config/images/adv-v.png
A asterisk-gui/config/images/home-icon.png
A asterisk-gui/config/images/digiumlogo.gif
A asterisk-gui/config/images/iaxtel.jpg
A asterisk-gui/config/images/home.png
A asterisk-gui/config/images/dots.gif
A asterisk-gui/config/images/split.png
A asterisk-gui/config/numberplan.html
A asterisk-gui/config/backup.html
A asterisk-gui/config/queues.html
A asterisk-gui/config/jingle.html
A asterisk-gui/config/voicemail.html
A asterisk-gui/config/stylesheets
A asterisk-gui/config/stylesheets/rico.css
A asterisk-gui/config/stylesheets/schwing.css
A asterisk-gui/security.txt
A asterisk-gui/COPYING
A asterisk-gui/configs
A asterisk-gui/configs/providers.conf.sample
A asterisk-gui/gui_configs
A asterisk-gui/gui_configs/gui_bkpfiles.conf
A asterisk-gui/gui_configs/gui_custommenus.conf
A asterisk-gui/gui_configs/gui_sysinfo
A asterisk-gui/CREDITS
A asterisk-gui/Makefile
A asterisk-gui/README
Checked out revision 134.

Compiling and Installing

Enter this directory where you installed the Asterisk GUI

cd Asterisk-GUI (In the location of /usr/src )
# ./configure
# make

# make install

# make checkconfig


Take the backup of the complete system before proceeding by going to the directroy and copy /etc/asterisk and execute the following command

cp -r /etc/asterisk /etc/asterisk.backup

There are two files which you should modify:

1) `manager.conf`
enabled = yes
webenabled = yes

We will have to add a new user to `manager.conf`:
secret = wrxiur (this is your password)
read = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,user,config
write = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,user,config

Bindaddress :

Uncomment the following two things mentioned above .

modify using the vim mode : vim /etc/asterisk/manager.conf

press i to insert or modify the things

Save it using shift + : + q

2) `http.conf`

Running the Asterisk - GUI

In order to load the asterisk-gui, asterisk must restart/reload. You can reload your Asterisk server from your CLI console by executing the command `reload`. You can use asterisk-gui from these addresses ( is our Asterisk server IP address):